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NFL Americas Game: NY Giants Super Bowl XXV DVD


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Description of NFL Americas Game: NY Giants Super Bowl XXV DVD

Every backup in the NFL needs to be ready to play at a moment's notice. The hard-hitting nature of the game demands it. Often forgotten, misused, or misunderstood, a backup may be thrust into the limelight in a New York minute. With injuries threatening to ruin the 1990 Giants season, two such understudies took center stage and capped one of the most impressive runs in Pro Football history. Powered by a top-ranked defense and a proven quarterback in Phil Simms, New York won its first 10 games and looked like an NFC juggernaut. But all looked lost when Simms sprained his foot against the Buffalo Bills in Week 15, thrusting an unproven Jeff Hostetler to the forefront. Hostetler, who had thrown only 109 passesover six-plus seasons, then exceeded expectations by winning four straight starts, including two playoff games, to reach Super Bowl XXV. There, Giants coach Bill Parcells decided that controlling the clock with the running game was the best way to keep the high-scoring Bills off the field. The gambit worked. Veteran Ottis Anderson, a fill-in for the hobbled Rodney Hampton, rushed for 102 yards as New York beat Buffalo, 20-19 in one of the most thrilling Super Bowls ever. Join NFL Films as they retell the story of the '90 Giants, a club that gave second chances. America's Game uses exclusive interviews from Hostetler, Anderson and Carl Banks to recount Big Blue's championship season.

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