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  • Los Angeles Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs - POLL

    With the upcoming NBA playoffs coming up we want to know who you think will win in the first round between the Los Angeles Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs? The Los Angeles Clippers are the three seed and the San Antonio Spurs are sixth seed. Do the Spurs have another championship run in them this year? Or is this the year that the Clippers knock off the defending champs?


  • Majestic Cool Base Jersey Review

    Today we are going to be reviewing the Majestic Cool Base Jersey Review from Fanzz.

    Puig Majestic Cool Base Jersey - Fanzz


    This video will review the brand new 2015 Majestic Cool Base Jersey. Let’s get right to the difference in this year’s version of jersey. These jerseys feel and wear different than the ones in past years.  The main difference is the fabric. The Cool Base fabric is constructed from moisture-wicking fabrics with breathable mesh back. It’s designed not only for professional play in the diamond but has style and quality off. This Cool Base Jersey features quality tackle twill numbers & lettering sewn-on to the jersey, as well as a large quality team embroidered logo.

    Cool Base fabric technology makes the jerseys Lighter than in year’s past, as well as the wicking fabric makes it
more comfort /breathability and has a more “On-field look”

    It includes a MLB back neck label as well as a Majestic logo on the Left-sleeve

    For Women  a New cut for a nicer fit
and the buttons are
on the proper side for women

    By taking advantage of Cool Base moisture-wicking, you can now stay comfortable as the temperatures outside rise.

    Some of the additional features of this jersey include the following

    • Authentic single button placket jersey with contrasting side panels
    • Full or left chest lightweight stretch tackle twill authentic decoration
    • Center back neck MLB silhouetted batter patch
    • Cool Base side seam label
    • 100% polyester
    • Breathable mesh back and sleeve gusset

    Fanzz and has these Majestic cool base jerseys in all the MLB teams as well as the different styles that the MLB players are wearing. Be sure to follow us on social media to get more updates and reviews on the products that we offer.

  • Which famous Utah Jazz player are you? - Quiz

    Jazz Logo2

    Utah Jazz basketball fans are some of the most passionate in the NBA. From the amazing trips to the finals in the late 90's to the early players of the Jazz that put them on the map. The state of Utah and Jazz fans all over the country have many memories going to the Delta Center or Energy Solutions Arena to watch the Jazz play. Ever since Larry H. Miller purchased the Jazz to keep them in Utah the fan base has only grown to love this team.

    We at Fanzz understand the passion Jazz fans have for their team and put together this quiz for all those fans out there who have wondered to themselves which famous Utah Jazz player I am? (You know who you are)

  • NBA All Star 2015 Infographic

    With the NBA All-Star game in New York City this year we can except some amazing talents and abilities to be on display. This game is one of the more entertaining all-star game in sports because of the focus on individual skill and athleticism of the NBA player. In this NBA All Star 2015 Infographic we outline the line ups as well as All-star team records.

    NBAAllStarInfographic-Fanzz NBAAllStarInfographic-Fanzz

    NBA All Star Infographic - Fanzz - An infographic by the team at NBA All Star Infographic - Fanzz

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  • Majestic Womens Draft Me T-Shirt Review

    Majestic Draft Me Tee - Fanzz


    Today we're going to be reviewing the Majestic Women's NFL Draft Me fashion top which is a perfect addition to any woman's NFL collection. They can easily support their favorite team while still looking fashionable in this short sleeve v-neck tee. This tee will surely bring the team spirit during any game and it will be one of their favorite shirts to wear.

    It features a lace-up neck, rhinestone and foil accents as well as bold team graphics that will be a staple come game day. It features a contrast in color neck tape which is highlighting the team's color as well as a bold team logo that foiled mesh print with sequenced and heat set stones which is centered on the chest you also love the lace up detail and the fit up this one-of-a-kind tee.

    Additional features a the t-shirt is that it's 100 percent polyester it does have that lace-up neck it does have dazzle fabric as well as rib net collar as well as a heat-sealed metallic graphic.

    This majestic women's NFL Draft ninety comes in many other different NFL teams and which is available at our NFL Women's Apparel page.

  • Super Bowl XLIX Infographic

    Are you ready for the upcoming Super Bowl? We are excited to feature the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks in this year's super bowl. In this Super Bowl infographic we showcase the two running backs as well as key stats from both teams playoff runs! Be sure to shop New England Patriots gear as well as Seattle Seahawks merchandise.

    Super Bowl XLIX Infographic - Fanzz


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  • Which Seattle Seahawks Player Are You?

    The 12th man is a key part of the Seahawks home field advantage! Now you can figure out which Seattle Seahawks player you are by taking this short quiz. You might be surprised by the answer!



  • Seattle Seahawks Winning the NFC Championship

    The Seattle Seahawks had an amazing come from behind win on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. They trailed 19-7 with about four minutes and then the magic happened.  

    • Touchdown drive - 1 yard run by Russell Wilson
    • A fake field goal that went for a touchdown
    • Onside side kick recovered for another touchdown
    • Two point conversation that was incredible 
    • Overtime touchdown pass that won the game
    Seattle Seahawks NFC Conference Recap Infographic - Fanzz Seattle Seahawks NFC Conference Recap Infographic - Fanzz


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  • Patriots Winning the AFC Championship

    Yesterday's New England Patriots win over the Indianapolis Colts was impressive. Here's a look at the game behind the numbers!

    New England Patriots AFC Championship By The Numbers - Fanzz


    Patriots Winning the AFC Championship (Infographic) | Fanzz - An infographic by the team at Patriots Winning the AFC Championship (Infographic) | Fanzz

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  • AFC Championship Predictions 2015

    AFC Championship Game


    New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts

    Just a week ago, we predicted that the Denver Broncos would beat the Indianapolis Colts and go on to play the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game. We were wrong. The Indianapolis Colts beat the odds as well as the Broncos in their 24-13 win. So, should we reconsider this team as a contender, or was this just a great game for them?

    The main reason the Colts were able to beat the Broncos was that they held them to just 13 points. Defense wins games. One thing the Colts did right in this game was applying pressure on third downs. The Broncos converted on just 4 of 16 third downs, which is something that the Colts need to replicate against Tom Brady and the Patriots.

    The Colts also got a couple sacks against Peyton Manning, so look to see if they can frustrate Tom Brady in this matchup. Keep in mind that when the Colts played against Manning and the Broncos, Manning was suffering from a quad injury, and had not been playing as well as usual towards the end of the season. In this game, the Colts played phenomenal defense, and good offense. To beat the Patriots, they are going to need both phenomenal defense and offense in order to compete.

    Now let’s talk Patriots. Not only are the New England Patriots extremely talented and successful, but in their last game against the Baltimore Ravens, they also proved that they are resilient. The game opened up with the Patriots trailing by a couple touchdowns, and once again the Pats found themselves behind by 14 in the third quarter. The Patriots ended up pulling off the come-from-behind victory against the Ravens. In the unlikely case that the Colts get off to an early lead, they need to be vigilant in protecting that lead, because obviously this New England team doesn’t give up.

    Lately, New England has been scoring in the range of 40 points per game despite playing some of those games against elite defensive teams. Their offense seems unstoppable lately, and with a healthy quarterback, this team will be a nightmare for the Indianapolis Colts to defend. When these two teams played in the regular season, the Patriots dominated with a score of 42-20, and Tom Brady didn’t even play well.

    New England’s offense is too versatile for the Colts to have any weaknesses in their defense. The Colts need to defend the running and passing game extremely well to have a chance at this one, and that’s not even mentioning that they need to be able to put up points on the other end of the field. Look for New England's offense to overwhelm the Colts and put up big numbers in this game.

    Prediction: New England wins 37-24.

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