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  1. The Definitive List of the Best Ballpark Franks

    The Definitive List of the Best Ballpark Franks

    Whether you call it a hot dog, a frank, a frankfurter, a wiener, a tube steak or a banger (personally, I’ve never heard of that but apparently it’s a real moniker), we can all be in agreement that there’s nothing like it at the ballpark. A hot dog and a cold beverage of your choice on a sunny day goes perfect with the crack of the bat and pop of the glove that baseball brings.

    As you get in your final MLB trips this September and postseason, chew on our list of the best ballpark franks.

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  2. Players with the Highest-Paid Endorsement Deals

    Thank you, Honus Wagner.

    Signed, Professional Athletes making a bundle off their “brand” by teaming with “brands.”

    Wagner, a star shortstop in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, is believed to be the first pro athlete to earn endorsement money for allowing the use of his name on a product. It’s safe to say athlete endorsements have evolved considerably from the time Wagner was inking deals with American Tobacco and Louisville Slugger.

    Here’s a look at some of today’s most lucrative deals.

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  3. The Most Philanthropic Pro Athletes in the League

    “If you’re in the luckiest one percent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99 percent.” –Warren Buffet

    The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and one of the world’s foremost business magnates said it well. Buffet has also backed it up, giving somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 billion to philanthropic causes.

    Buffet’s net worth makes that of some of our favorite pro athletes seem rather paltry, but many still heed this advice to be “more than sports.” Here’s a glance at some of their contributions.

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  4. Tips to Get NFL Regular Season Tickets Without Breaking the Bank

    As you’re probably aware, NFL tickets are not easy to come by. Several teams have season ticket waiting lists of a decade or multiple decades, meaning it might be a while before you have the opportunity to see your favorite team in person eight times a year. However, for diehards looking to get a glimpse at their team, eager to experience all that game day has to offer or hesitant to wear their Dallas Cowboys jerseys in general, everyday situations in fear of societal judgment, securing tickets to a game or two is an appealing and doable option.

    Here’s how to pick up tickets without breaking the bank, so that you actually can once the playoffs arrive.

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  5. How to Determine if your NFL Apparel is Officially Licensed

    How to Determine if your NFL Apparel is Officially Licensed

    Leave it to Primetime. Deion Sanders, regarded by many as the best cover corner in NFL history, provided one of the all-time sound bites about the importance of looking good:

    “You gotta look good,” Sanders once said, and has repeated some variation of it many times since. “Look good, you play good. Play good, paid good. Paid good, live good. Live good, you’re gonna eat good. That’s good.”

    Fitting good into a three-line quote ten times and still having the passage

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  6. Six Reasons Why MLB Games Should Be Your New Family Tradition

    While baseball’s popularity has reportedly lagged behind football and basketball, the MLB gameday experience still offers plenty to families seeking entertainment. Whether it was the game itself, the journey to the game or countless conversations between pitches, every voyage to the ballpark was a day to look forward to and then recount later. Here are our top six reasons why you should add an MLB game to your family’s summer calendar.


    If you shop wisely, that trip to an MLB game isn’t quite as expensive as you may think. Even though all but one of the league’s 30 teams sport an average ticket price of at least $20, one can usually get themselves through the gate for $10 or less. By taking advantage of day games, midweek games and secondary ticket markets like StubHub and SeatGeek, the price of admission can be more than reasonable for quality entertainment. The centrality

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  7. Seven Tailgating Tips for the Upcoming Football Season

    We’re not quite sure when NFL gamedays became religious experiences, but a trip to watch pretty much any of the league’s 32 teams will provide you a lot more entertainment than just the action between the lines. The people watching, pageantry and tribalism–whether it’s in good-natured fun, just a little bit off the deep end or full on entrenched in the deep end–are unmatched in American sports.

    A central part of that experience is the tailgating scene. Most official NFL lots open four to five hours before kickoff, and off-site lots welcome some diehards as early as 10 or more hours before the game. Yes, 10, or more.

    Whether you’re a veteran tailgater who pulls out all the stops or a rookie not quite as committed to dedicating your entire weekend to your NFL team, we’ve got seven tips to help optimize tailg

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  8. MLB Teams Who Have Never Won a World Series

    “To win the World Series, you have to be able to do a lot of things well.” – Theo Epstein

    Theo Epstein, the architect of curse-breaking World Series winners with the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs, probably didn’t need his Yale education to deliver the above pearl of wisdom. Nonetheless, Epstein’s assertion is correct. Lackluster hitting, starting pitching, bullpen work or defense can dearly cost clubs that excel in the other three areas. As can some poor fortune.

    A combination of all of the above, along with oftentimes just not being very good, has prevented seven Major League Baseball franchises from capturing the sport’s top prize. Houston crossed itself off that unenviable list last year, outlasting the Yankees and Dodgers in classic 7-game battles to lift the Commissioner’s Trophy and the collective w

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  9. The Highest Paid Players in the Nation

    The Highest Paid Players in the Nation

    Direct deposit is a great thing. It saves you a trip to the bank, and it’s always a highlight the morning you check the bank account and find a nice bump from yesterday.

    We can’t really know whether the highest paid athletes in the NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball use direct deposit like the rest of us, but the thought of Steph Curry or Drew Brees checking to see if this month’s $3.3 million went in is pretty crazy.

    While many wonder what they’d do with all that money and others decry what some of these players make, it’s important to remember they have earned their market value. They’ve outperformed a ton of competition d

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  10. San Francisco Eats: Best Restaurants to Hit before a 49ers Game

    Whether it’s a thrilling catch, run, goal line stand or game-changing turnover, most NFL games involve an “I was there when” moment. When that happens, if you’re lucky enough to be one of the 70,000-plus in the stadium, you don’t want to be the guy standing in line to get a hot dog.

    In order to avoid such an occurrence, it’s wise to walk through the turnstiles with a full stomach. Tailgating is an obvious option, but the restaurant and bar scene is always solid on gameday. Luckily, 49ers fans have no shortage of pregame options in San Francisco and Santa Clara, where Levi’s Stadium is located.

    Factoring in quality of food, drink selection, ambiance and likeliness of seeing other 49ers jersey-wearing diehards, here are our choices for the go-to spots prior to your next 49er experience.



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